LogicalDOC Announces Exciting New Features in Version 8.9

LogicalDOC Announces Exciting New Features in Version 8.9

Fair Lawn, NJ, February 07, 2024 — LogicalDOC, a leading provider of document management systems, is excited to announce the release of its latest version, LogicalDOC 8.9. This update brings new features and improvements designed to enhance user experience and increase productivity. In summary, the main points of the evolution of LogicalDOC 8.9

1. Webservice Framework Upgrade
LogicalDOC 8.9 introduces a significant upgrade to its web service framework. This enhancement not only improves the system’s performance but also lays the groundwork for future integrations and seamless communication with other applications. The updated web service framework ensures a more robust and reliable interaction with LogicalDOC’s core functionalities.

2. Updated Barcode Recognition Libraries
LogicalDOC 8.9 incorporates updated barcode recognition libraries to enhance document indexing and retrieval capabilities. This allows for more accurate and efficient document identification through barcodes, streamlining the document management process. The improved barcode recognition contributes to faster data entry and retrieval, reducing manual efforts.

3. Implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2
LogicalDOC now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with Security Assertion Markup Language 2 (SAML 2). This integration enhances security and convenience for users by enabling them to access LogicalDOC seamlessly without the need to log in separately. SSO simplifies user authentication, providing a unified and secure login experience across integrated systems.

4. Support for HEIC Image Format
In response to the evolving digital media landscape, LogicalDOC 8.9 introduces support for the HEIC image format. This addition ensures compatibility with modern image standards, allowing users to store and manage images in the High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIC), widely used in contemporary devices.

5. User-Uploaded Digital Signature Certificates
Users can now upload their digital signature certificates directly into LogicalDOC. This feature enhances document security and authenticity, allowing for the integration of digital signatures into the document workflow. Users can manage their own certificates, ensuring a personalized and secure approach to document verification.

6. Label Attribute for Templates and Attribute Sets
LogicalDOC 8.9 brings added flexibility to document management with the introduction of label attributes for templates and attribute sets. This feature allows users to categorize and organize documents more effectively by assigning labels to templates and attribute sets, facilitating a more intuitive and customizable document structure.

7. Copy Links and Notes When Copying Documents
When copying documents into another folder, users now have the option to include links and notes associated with those documents. This streamlines the duplication process while preserving essential metadata and information, ensuring a seamless transition of documents across folders.

8. Inclusion/Exclusion Filters for Email Attachments Indexing
To enhance email attachment indexing, LogicalDOC 8.9 introduces inclusion/exclusion filters. This feature provides users with precise control over which email attachments are indexed, allowing for a more refined and efficient document management process.

9. Clone Templates Easily
Managing templates becomes more efficient with the ability to clone templates. This feature simplifies the template creation process by allowing users to duplicate existing templates, reducing the time and effort required for setting up new document structures.

10. Display of Last Login Date and Creation Date in Users List
For improved user management, LogicalDOC 8.9 displays the last login and creation dates in the users’ list. This information gives administrators valuable insights into user activity, facilitating better tracking and managing user accounts.

11. Accurate Control of Document Writing on Writing Positions
LogicalDOC 8.9 introduces precise control over document writing positions, particularly in the context of writing checks. This feature ensures accurate management and validation of document edits, contributing to data integrity and compliance with document writing policies.

12. Specific Log and Event for Resource Deletions
To enhance auditing and accountability, LogicalDOC 8.9 introduces specific logs and events to record resource deletions from the storage. This feature provides administrators with a detailed trail of deleted resources, facilitating forensic analysis and compliance with data governance standards.

13. New Dashlet for Bookmarks
With the introduction of a new dashlet, users can now enjoy enhanced bookmark management. This feature streamlines the access and organization of bookmarks within the LogicalDOC interface, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

14. Configurable Cache-Control Header
LogicalDOC 8.9 allows users to configure the Cache-Control header, providing more control over caching mechanisms. This feature enables organizations to optimize system performance and responsiveness based on their specific caching requirements.

Another major highlight of this update is the integration with Microsoft Office Online, which allows users to collaborate in real time on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files directly within the platform – a feature they highly requested.

“We’re always listening to our customers’ feedback and looking for ways to improve our product,” said Alessandro Gasparini, Chief Technology Officer at LogicalDOC. “Furthermore, we have also enhanced our mobile app compatibility, ensuring seamless access from any device at any time – an essential feature in today’s remote working environment. We believe these updates will greatly enhance user experience while improving productivity.”

LogicalDOC 8.9 stands out as a robust document management solution, delivering a plethora of new and improved features. Organizations embracing LogicalDOC 8.9 can look forward to a comprehensive and feature-rich platform for their document management needs.

LogicalDOC remains committed to providing reliable solutions that help businesses manage their documents effectively and efficiently. With these new features introduced in version 8.9, the team at LogicalDOC continues its mission of delivering state-of-the-art document management software that meets evolving business needs.

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