Angela Nicholson’s Newly Released Another Level

Angela Nicholson’s Newly Released Another Level

Lansing, IL, February 07, 2024 — “Another Level”: an empowering approach to nutrition and overall well-being. “Another Level” is the creation of published author, Angela Nicholson, who has been a registered nurse for over thirty years. She is also an Assistant Nursing Professor at a college in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. She attends New Life Covenant Southeast Church, where she is active in the prayer department, woman ministries, and community outreach. She lives in a suburb of Chicago. She enjoys hanging out with family and friends and travel.

Nicholson shares, “Another Level is an inspirational, step-by-step guide to improving health and fitness in doable increments. It encourages the reader to take small steps toward change to be the healthy person they want to be. It debunks the myth that changing from one place of health to another has to be difficult or exhausting.”

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