Author Cary J. Stegman, MD’s New Book What’s Up RAD

Author Cary J. Stegman, MD’s New Book What’s Up RAD

Scottsdale, AZ, February 07, 2024 –Cary J. Stegman, MD, who earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan, has published his new book, “What’s Up, RAD?”: a fascinating memoir that takes readers into the experiences of a board-certified radiologist and nuclear medicine physician.

After two years in the US Navy, author Cary J. Stegman, MD began private practice spanning forty years as a diagnostic radiologist and nuclear medicine physician. In this collection of memoirs, Dr. Stegman shares some of his experiences with patients, staff, and colleagues—some joyful, some devastating—always exhibiting his empathy and compassion for those he interacted with during his long career.

Dr. Stegman witnessed amazing advances in imaging technologies including CT, MRI, ultrasound, digital radiographs, and nuclear medicine. And even more. Spectacular strides in interventional radiologic procedures resulting in greatly improved diagnostic accuracy, refined treatments, decrease in surgeries, shorter hospital stays and diminished pain and risk for patients. But Dr. Stegman realized that just providing direct patient care was inadequate. He was also concerned with public health policy. The interplay of rational critical thinking with unreasonable dogma and superstition (occasionally exhibited by professional practitioners but most significantly by the general public) limited the provision of the best healthcare possible.

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