Winbrook Inc Acquires BrandMark Creative Inc

Winbrook Inc Acquires BrandMark Creative Inc

Billerica, MA, January 12, 2024 –Acquisition makes 58-year-old Winbrook one of the largest New England based providers of branded print, promotional, packaging, display, fulfillment, and digital solutions.

Winbrook, Inc., a leading player in the New England print and promotional product industry, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Brandmark Creative, Inc., a thriving Massachusetts-based company known for providing customers with print, direct mail, promotional products, and incentive programs. Since 2007, Brandmark Creative has earned a reputation for integrity in its commitment to providing business partners with exceptional products and customer service. The integration with Brandmark aligns with Winbrook’s commitment to enhancing business-critical organizational efficiency and implementing cost savings initiatives through the management of print, branded promotional products and other marketing programs used in everyday business. “Our partnership and our programs eliminate inefficient time and attention spent on procurement, workflow and reporting, and will enable our customers to focus on the business of providing exceptional service to their customer base – it’s truly a valuable partnership,” said Mike Dubie, President/CEO of Brandmark.

“Winbrook’s acquisition of Brandmark Creative and its client portfolio, serving various vertical markets, offers benefits in scale, innovation and expertise to our regional, national, and global clients. By joining forces with Brandmark and leveraging the strengths of both companies, we will enhance our capabilities, increase client success, and provide customers with an even more comprehensive suite of services,” said Scott Lattanzio, President of Winbrook.

“By collaborating with Winbrook, we can bring new advancements and efficiencies to sourcing, managing, fulfilling, and accounting for all things branded in print, promotional, packaging, display and digital solutions,” explained Dubie. “We’re excited to be a part of the Winbrook family and our clients will only reap even more benefits through this merger.”

“Client success today hinges on the ability to deploy industry leading expertise, technology, and services efficiently. Together, we will achieve greater heights, open exciting opportunities for collaboration and innovation that will benefit both our clients and our team,” said Lattanzio.

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