The Smart Designer Launches Proxy Plus

Boston, MA, January 08, 2024 – The Smart Designer launches Proxy Plus, a new data entry and procurement tracking service built on the most powerful project management software for interior designers available.

Boston, MA-based The Smart Designer announced today their launch of Proxy Plus. Proxy Plus is a data entry and procurement tracking outsourcing solution overseen by experienced interior designers that will give interior design firms more time to focus on design, and peace of mind knowing that nothing will slip through the cracks.

Driving the decision to offer services on top of world-class software, Founder and President Will Bullard said, “We’ve always been humbled by the trust interior design firms have put in DesignSmart to help them deliver the highest quality work to their clients. With Proxy Plus, we are now able to empower even more interior design firms by giving them the ability to outsource the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of interior design – data entry and procurement tracking.”

Part of Will’s inspiration for Proxy came from his travels abroad with his wife, Ellen, his partner in life as well as at The Smart Designer. For years, Will and Ellen have spent significant time in Latin America, starting when they lived in Honduras for several years. A love for the language and appreciation of the culture has kept them going back to different Latin American countries annually. While on a trip to Ecuador, Will realized that some of the friends he and Ellen had made there would be the perfect partners in what would become Proxy Plus.

“There is an incredible amount of technical ability in places like Ecuador, but not enough consistent work. From all of our discussions with our DesignSmart clients, I knew that many would be happy to offload the drudgery of data entry and other incredibly important, but let’s face it, tedious tasks. So we brought on some friends in Quito to learn DesignSmart and started to prove out the concept of offering services in addition to our software platform.”

To make it possible to offer these services, The Smart Designer developed an under the hood to-do list on steroids that allows Proxy Plus users the ability to assign data entry and procurement tracking tasks that will happen in the background, and stay on top of vendor acknowledgments, changes and approvals. With those crucial tasks delegated, designers will have more time to design, meet clients in person, and focus on building their businesses.

Since 2010, DesignSmart has set the standard in project management software for interior design firms. Every day, over 1,000 designers log in to stay on top of projects of all size and scope around the world. Constantly improving and infinitely customizable, DesignSmart connects to QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook and Teams, Gmail, and Slack. DesignSmart also offers optional add-on modules for inventory, commercial change orders, hospitality and model homes.

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