Revitalizing the Strike Force for Continuous All-Domain Dominance

Huntsville, AL, January 08, 2024 – At one point in time, the U.S. military boasted the best, most lethal, most sophisticated artillery and rocket systems in the world. But over several decades, it has allowed this advantage to erode. The ability to gain and retain air superiority led to increased reliance on fires from aerial platforms, both fixed and rotary wing. The U.S. Military is now pushing an anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) strategy. The need to have reliable and lethal systems capable of penetrating enemy area denial systems is a growing priority as potential enemies continue to invest in their defense capabilities while also developing hypersonic and other standoff weapons systems.

Attendees at the Joint Fires Summit will have the opportunity to gain insight through 20+ presentations from senior leaders, build partnerships during the dedicated networking breaks, and help foster ideas during the interactive sessions.

2024 Speaker and Discussion Topics Include:

– Delivering Integrated Air Warfighting Capability to Meet the Needs of Modern and Future Operation Environments: CAPT Richard Gensley, USN – Program Manager Precision Strike Weapons, NAVAIR

– USMC Mission: Modernizing Stand-In Force Kill Chains in the Western Pacific: Col Ray Gerber, USMC – Assistant Chief of Staff G39/G6, USMC Forces Pacific

– Modernizing Multidomain Fires Capabilities to Achieve Cross-Domain, Cross-Warfighting Strategic Advantage: COL David S. Lee, USA – Director, Army Multi-Domain Targeting Center, Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill

– Panelist- Enhancing Pacific Fires Capabilities for Strategic, All-Domain Advantage: Col Jason P. Quinter, USMC – Commanding Officer, MACG-38

– Expediting Delivery of Critical Capabilities to Advance Fires Modernization Priorities: COL Patrick Farrell, USA – Project Manager, Mid-Range Capabilities, PEO Missiles and Space, USA

– Fireside Chat: Building Agile & Advanced Systems for the Modernization of PEO C3T Fires & More Precise Effects on Future Battlefields: COL Michael J. Englis, USA – Army Capabilities Manager, Fires Cell- Targeting, Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill

Registration and Sponsor/Exhibit opportunities are open. Active military and government attend complimentary. Those interested in participating can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website at

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