Amphenol’s Rugged Ethernet Switch Passes 901D Shock

Amphenol's Rugged Ethernet Switch Passes 901D Shock

Sidney, NY, January 20, 2024 –Amphenol Military High Speed’s (AMHS) CF-020400-065 Rugged 6U VPX Ethernet Switch was successfully qualified for its shipboard application by passing the Military Specification 901D Shock Test.

The purpose of the Military Specification shock test 901D is to ensure shipboard installations can withstand shock loadings caused by nuclear or conventional weapons.

“People don’t realize how incredible this is!” says AMHS’s GM, Jared Sibrava. “We just took an extremely complex piece of Ethernet switching technology: circuit boards, connectors, dense ball grid arrays, precise soldering, capable of channeling and switching radar data in an aircraft, or the internal ops of a torpedo… and we punched it in the mouth nine times. Then we plugged it in and told it to be ready in ten seconds. It said, ‘I’ll do it in eight.'”

The passing of this test opens up the world of shipboard, submarine, and other naval applications for AMHS’s family of switches, which are already heavily represented in military avionics.

The CF-020400-065 is a 6U VPX switch is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Sidney, NY, USA down to its VITA 46 connectors. It boasts a fast boot time of under ten seconds and is low power at under 30W.

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