PNK Group Building Assembly Set Received Its First Certifications in the United States

PNK Group Building Assembly Set Received Its First Certifications in the United States

Atlanta, GA, January 20, 2024 — Certificates from the Structural Testing Laboratory at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln have been issued for PNK Group’s large-unit building block elements. The block consists of reinforced concrete columns and attached reinforced concrete panels with insulation, and its use offers a new way of industrial construction. The development of the system, which involved leading American specialists, lasted five years—the project aimed to create unified elements suitable for the Building Assembly Set construction method. This will enable the building structure to be erected accelerated, reducing the company’s dependence on weather conditions (high or low temperatures), highly skilled labor, and heavy machinery. Structural Testing Laboratory of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln confirmed the system components’ reliability.

Here, biaxial bending tests and a load-bearing study of the system were performed. According to the laboratory, the structure’s strength and stiffness exceeded the required performance. Additional in-situ tests were conducted at several plants in different states of the USA. Even though the production and delivery of such large-unit blocks is more expensive compared to traditional materials for monolithic works, the economic effect is largely achieved due to the size of these elements. Each element is produced with maximum precision, making the assembly BAS construction method more straightforward. It does not require the involvement of many people and heavy machinery. This is especially important due to the booming industrial construction market in the United States. The need to wait for materials and qualified contractors can drag out construction time by many additional months.

PNK Group’s system allows you to accelerate the process and finish the building two to three times faster than the standard industrial building construction method. Know-how holder PNK Group is an engineering and manufacturing company with technological developments in industrial construction.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the state’s oldest and most extensive research university. Its Structures and Materials Research Laboratory conducts static, dynamic, and fatigue testing to validate engineering solutions.

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