Bob Weiser’s Newly Released More Than A Story

 Bob Weiser’s Newly Released More Than A Story

Yerington, NV, January 27, 2024 — “More Than A Story”: a message of human connection through oral histories. “More Than A Story” is the creation of published author, Bob Weiser.

Weiser shares, “From childhood on, the author has been fascinated by reading and the power of words to express personalities and events. Through travels across this continent and worldwide, from Mexico to Canada, from Italy to Fiji, the delight of words in storytelling continues to bring style and vigor to his stories and reflections on those experiences. From a variety of occupations including truck driving, pastoring a church, teaching in private and public schools, and doing business as a licensed masonry contractor, these stories are a reflection of the great variety of life experiences humans on this planet give rise to. He hopes readers enjoy the images and feelings that come to their minds while reading them. He hopes these stories will motivate others to tell their stories for that truly is the one connection we all share.”

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