Author Karen Spowal-McKitrick’s New Book Ditto

Author Karen Spowal-McKitrick’s New Book Ditto

New Fairfield, CT, January 27, 2024 –Karen Spowal-McKitrick, who was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, has completed her new book, “Ditto: Suspense Novel”: a fascinating work that invites readers to follow along on the differing life paths of a set of twins.

Author Karen Spowal-McKitrick travels through life with spirit and determination. Her brother, Ken, encouraged her to write a book about her unusual life. Ken and Karen share the same birthdate; they were born one year apart. They are over seven decades old, but Ken will always be her six feet, seven inches big brother.

Karen took Ken’s advice and wrote her first book, “My Dash.” The memoir was written shortly after the death of Karen’s husband, John—probably one of the reasons Ken suggested. He knew she was having a difficult time, but he also knew she had a story to tell. Writing became her passion and still is. She thanks Ken for that. She is fortunate to have her only child, Karina, and her husband, Mike, living minutes away in New Fairfield, Connecticut.

Karen shares, “This is the second book I have written using literary symbols as the title of the book. The first book that I published is titled My Dash, a memoir. You were asked in My Dash to walk with me down a captivating road. Ditto is a suspense novel, and I am asking you to speed up the pace, run with me in different directions, and meet me at chapter 25.”

She continues, “Ditto is a book paralleling the lives of eleven-month-old twin baby girls. You will notice that every other chapter is titled ‘Ditto.’ One of the girls is taken from her stroller in New York. The baby is transported to California by desperate teenagers. The remaining twin is physically unharmed and resides in New York with her affluent biological parents. Ditto has intriguing components: a missing baby, serious conflicts, suicide, murder, survival, and the loss of people central to the story line.”

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