Venture For America announces its flagship reunion program to be hosted in St. Louis

Venture For America announces its flagship reunion program to be hosted in St. Louis, drawing hundreds of attendees

ST. LOUIS — Venture For America – a national nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and connecting emerging talent with startups through its two-year Fellowship program – announced its annual reunion program will be held in St. Louis in partnership with Arch Grants and Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Venture For America was founded in 2011 and has operated in St. Louis since 2014. More than 70 fellows have been placed in the city and have founded or co-founded 11 companies in the area. The annual Reunion gives Alumni of VFA’s Fellowship the chance to reconnect, celebrate their achievements, and explore a city. St. Louis was chosen as the host city for the 2024 Reunion due to its vibrant and diverse business community, and it serves as an ideal backdrop for the program’s Alumni to network with subject matter experts, probe the local startup landscape, and foster meaningful connections.

“Hosting Reunion in St. Louis will showcase all the city has to offer” says Jess Longueville, a local business owner and the Community Director for VFA’s St. Louis market. “St. Louis has a strong foundation and dedicated leadership working towards the region’s growth and I’m excited about welcoming Alumni from across the nation to discover the many opportunities here.”

Collaborative partnerships, such as those between Venture For America, Arch Grants, and Greater St. Louis, Inc., play a pivotal role in the entrepreneurial landscape by enhancing opportunities, fueling growth, and nurturing inclusivity. It attracts talent to the region, retains homegrown talent, and contributes to the overall prosperity and vibrancy of the community.

“Venture For America’s decision to host its annual reunion program in St. Louis underscores the city’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and its growing reputation as a hub for innovation and opportunity,” says Gabe Angieri, Arch Grants’ Executive Director. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Venture For America and Greater St. Louis, Inc. in showcasing the tremendous potential of this region, and further investing in a startup ecosystem that not only attracts top talent but also empowers emerging entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact. This partnership exemplifies our shared vision for a dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in St. Louis.”

“Venture for America’s Reunion will allow hundreds of alumni from all over the country to witness St. Louis’ thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem firsthand,” said Jason Hall, CEO, Greater St. Louis, Inc. “We’ve worked collaboratively with Arch Grants, Venture for America, and other partners to create a robust, supportive sector for entrepreneurs and startups, and this event will help build further connections and grow the sector — critical to the overall growth of our region.”

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