Festival of Lights a grand celebration at Satyug Darshan Trust

Satyug Darshan Trust

On the occasion of Diwali, Satyug Darshan Trust is going to organize a special program called ‘Festival of Lights’ on 4th November 2023 in the meditation hall. Not only the meditation hall, called School of Sambhav Samdrishti, in Satyug Darshan Complex, Faridabad, is famous for its architecture and spiritual guidance but also it plays host to delightful spiritual programmes from time to time. The precinct remains abuzz with viewers who slip into a spiritual trance of the place. The former Governor of Haryana Kaptan Singh Solanki had even claimed to have experienced Satyayuga in Kaliyuga upon entering this complex.

Apart from spiritual guidance, there will be various exotic cultural programmes and other entertainment events for both kids and grown-ups, with assorted food and shopping stalls. A massive Aarti will be performed before the event draws to a close.

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