‘Stree 2’ Teaser to Launch in Theatres On Friday

Stree Part 2
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Rajkummar Rao
and Shraddha Kapoor’s highly anticipated film, ‘Stree 2,’ is finally giving fans a glimpse with its teaser set to be unveiled on Friday, June 14. However, in a unique twist, the teaser will not be released on any social media or video-sharing platforms. Instead, it will be shown exclusively in theatres.

Creating a buzz among fans, the ‘Stree 2’ teaser will debut on the big screen alongside ‘Munjya,’ another horror-comedy that has been well-received by audiences. Rajkummar Rao shared a video on Instagram featuring Munjya with Stree’s iconic music in the background, announcing that the teaser will be shown after the ‘Munjya’ film ends in theatres. “O Friday, jaldi aana kyuki Munjya & Stree are both waiting. Catch #Stree2 teaser with #Munjya only in cinemas this Friday,”

Fans eagerly reacted to the announcement, with one commenting, “STREE AARAHI HAI.” The theatrical release of the teaser promises to add an extra layer of excitement for moviegoers.

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