Sambalpur Shines Bright for Sital Sasthi Festival

Sital Sasthi
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11th June 2024-
Sambalpur town is currently basking in the vibrant celebrations of the Sital Sasthi festival, a revered event marking the divine marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The festival, which began four days ago, saw a grand culmination on Monday with the ceremonial marriage, attracting thousands of devotees from across western Odisha.

The festival is unique as locals take on the roles of the parents of Goddess Parvati, offering her hand in marriage to Lord Shiva. The festivities kicked off with a spectacular Barayatri procession, where Lord Shiva journeyed from the town’s temples to the residence of Goddess Parvati, accompanied by local deities, esteemed residents, and a dazzling array of artists.

Preparations for Sital Sasthi started on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, with funds collected through the ‘Thala Utha’ ritual. The festival involves a series of traditional Hindu rituals, including Patrapendi (engagement) and Niuta (invitation), leading up to the sacred matrimonial ceremony.

This year, around 7,000 artists from across the country have been invited by various Sital Sasthi organizing committees to participate in the celebrations. The newlyweds will embark on a grand procession through the city on Tuesday night, with the festival concluding on June 12 as the deities return to their respective temples. Sambalpur is truly illuminated with the joy and spiritual fervour of Sital Sasthi, celebrating the divine union with unmatched gusto.

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