RnB Sensation Thomson Andrews Uplifts World Digital Detox Day at The Gateway of India Monument

Mumbai, December 9, 2023 – Renowned RnB singer Thomson Andrews took center stage at the iconic Gateway of India monument, delivering a mesmerizing performance of the anthem “Perfectly Imperfect” for the celebration of World Digital Detox Day. World Digital Detox Day is an international awareness day established to promote digital balance and wellness. The annual event, held each December 10th, encourages individuals and communities to disconnect from technology and reconnect with friends and loved ones in person. World Digital Detox Day (WDDD 2023) is organized by the World Digital Detox Day Organization.

Thomson Andrews Uplifts World Digital Detox Day at The Gateway of India Monument 1

Dr. Vishal Madane, is the musically creative force of the soul-stirring song “Perfectly Imperfect” for WDDD 2023. The song is beautifully composed and musically produced by the talented Mr. Satish Chakravarthy, with lyrics penned by Dr. Vishal Madane and the rap lyrics performed by Carter. Thomson Andrews, known for his soulful voice and Bollywood playback singing, TV hosting, and TEDx talks, lent his vocals to the English version of the anthem, alongside rapper Carter. The artist is also the founder of ‘THROAN OF ART,’ a media entrepreneur who actively supports social causes such as women empowerment, elderly care, and humanitarian efforts, embodying a commitment to social sustainability.

Reflecting on his experience, Thomson Andrews expressed, “It’s an honor to perform for this wonderful initiative. The GATEWAY OF INDIA holds a special place in my heart, from childhood memories to now standing on its stage. The depth of the song’s emotions, combined with the thought-provoking lyrics, truly inspire people to take a break from the digital world for better mental health and balanced living.”

Thomson Andrews donned a custom-made traditional Indian Bandgala suit designed by the acclaimed Pankaj Kumar, adding a touch of elegance to the evening. The singer’s impactful presence at the Pre-Celebration event on December 5th marked a significant contribution to the success of World Digital Detox Day. The performance videos of all unique talent displays by several artists who performed are set to captivate audiences worldwide on December 10, 2023.

Thomson Andrews Uplifts World Digital Detox Day at The Gateway of India Monument 2

Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, the visionary founder of the World Digital Detox Day Organization and Global Wellness Ambassador of India, states, “Our lives have become slaves to the digital world, constantly browsing, binge-watching, and seeking validation on social media. This has led to a unique epidemic of digital addiction. World Digital Detox Day offers an opportunity for people around the world to strengthen their personal relationships by dedicating time to connect in person, free from the distractions of devices.

The Mumbai event, held at The Gateway of India, was attended by eminent political personalities and celebrities among which veteran Actor Anupam Kher was also present, setting the tone for the main event on December 10th, 2023.

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