National and State Organizations Join Forces to Launch Phase II of the NCBCP Unity 2024 Power of the Ballot National Campaign to Mobilize Voters for Early Voting in SC

National and State Organizations Join Forces to Launch Phase II of the NCBCP Unity 2024 Power of the Ballot National Campaign to Mobilize Voters for Early Voting in SC

Charleston, SC, January 27, 2024 — The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP), in partnership with the A. Philip Randolph Institute, National Action Network and over 20 additional partner organizations proudly announce the Launch of Phase II of the Unity 2024 “Power of the Ballot” National Campaign and Statewide Tour in South Carolina. With a relentless commitment to ensuring Black voices are heard, the campaign boldly declares, “We Will Not Be Erased!” The Unity 2024 Campaign is focused on empowering Black communities to use their voting power to win on issues they are concerned about, protect their rights & freedoms and protect democracy from peril.

“We are building on the organizing momentum we garnered when we launched Phase One of our Unity 2024 Campaign in Florida in October 2023. The 2024 Presidential Election will determine what kind of nation our children will inherit and if we will have the ability to leverage the power of the black vote to win our fight for voting rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, workers rights, affirmative action, teach black history, protect public education and the environment, build black businesses and more!” shared, President & CEO of NCBCP and National Convener of the Black Women’s Roundtable.

Clayola Brown, National President, APRI stated “This election is critical for the labor and civil rights movement and this pivotal phase of our collective campaign aims to send a message that Black voters are engaged and to highlight the collective POWER we have when Black voices speak at the BALLOT BOX.”

“As a South Carolinian, who serves with National Action Network, it is clear that the 2024 Election will have a long term impact on our communities and state to have opportunities to live safely, have access to quality jobs, healthcare, education and business opportunity. South Carolinians know that now is the time for our organizations to come together to engage our communities to vote in the primary and general election. The future of our democracy is on the line,” shared by Rev. Nelson Rivers III, Vice President, Religious Affairs and External Relations, National Action Network (NAN).

“Voting is the foundation of our democracy, and in the South Carolina primaries, it’s where our voices are amplified, our futures are shaped, and our power is realized,” said Christina Cue, Convenor of South Carolina Black Women’s Roundtable.

The Unity 2024 “Power of the Ballot” Campaign will include a series of events across the state:

NCBCP aims to eradicate barriers that have historically disenfranchised Black voters. Through strategic organizing initiatives such as neighborhood canvassing, rallies, town halls, phone banking, voter registration community listening sessions, town hall meetings, neighborhood canvassing, and voter registrations, the “Power of the Ballot” campaign emphasizes the importance of voter education, registrations and participation in every election.

The launch event in South Carolina will feature an intergenerational group of national and state-based leaders, activists, and community organizers–all rallying together to celebrate the power of the ballot and reinforce the message that every voice and vote matters and is amplified with every ballot cast.

The Unity 2024 Campaign will also organize voter empowerment activities during the South Carolina Republican Primary in February 2024.

The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation is a dedicated advocate for the rights and empowerment of Black communities. Through various initiatives and programs, NCBCP works to ensure equal representation, civic engagement, economic empowerment and the protection of voting rights for all.

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