Mon Ethos Pro Support Collaborates with Virgin Islands Police Department to Boost Security During Crucian Christmas Festival Amid Presidential Visit

Mon Ethos Pro Support

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, January 09, 2024 — Mon Ethos Pro Support and Virgin Islands Police Department Successfully Enhance Security at Crucian Christmas Festival Amidst Presidential Visit.

In a significant public-private partnership, Mon Ethos Pro Support (MEPSVI) and the Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) successfully bolstered security at the Crucian Christmas Festival, coinciding with the honorary visit of United States President Joe Biden to the island. While the President did not attend the festival, his presence underscored the importance of robust security measures for such high-profile events.

This year’s festival, a vibrant tradition rooted in the early 1800s, was safeguarded by over 150 advanced security cameras strategically installed by MEPSVI in collaboration with VIPD. The initiative, supported by the USVI Department of Tourism, exemplifies the effectiveness of innovative public- private partnerships in enhancing community safety.

“Providing a safe environment is our top priority,” stated David Whitaker, Founder of Mon Ethos Pro Support. “Our collaboration with VIPD demonstrates our commitment to employing advanced technology for the welfare of the community.”

The state-of-the-art surveillance system integrated into VIPD’s mobile command center played a pivotal role in monitoring the festivities, contributing to a secure and enjoyable experience for all attendees. St. Croix Police Chief Sean Santos praised the Office of the Police Commissioner and the project, remarking, “The Office of the Police Commissioner, Ray Martinez, worked with the Department of Tourism to utilize the Tourism Revolving Fund,” and he warns, “Any village you go to in the territory will be monitored by VIPD.”

Building on the success of last year’s deployment, MEPSVI’s involvement this year has set a new benchmark in festival security. Plans are already underway to replicate this success in St. Thomas for the upcoming carnival.

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