Ziyyara to Expand its Global Educational Footprint, Aims to Onboard 20,000 Students Worldwide by 2025

New Delhi, 1st November 2023 – Ziyyara, a One-on-One Personalized Online Tutoring website committed to offering personalized and accessible one-on-one tuition to students across the globe, announces its ambitious plan to onboard 20,000 students on its platform by 2025. This momentous endeavor marks a significant step in Ziyyara’s mission to transform the global education landscape. Founded in September 2018, Ziyyara has been working in the realm of online education. Co-Founder, Ms. Kavita Sharma, who possesses 14 years of experience and an MBA with a focus on Human Resources and Marketing, established the platform with a deep passion for teaching and learning.

Ziyyara’s journey began with a profound understanding of the challenges students face, including long commutes and time wasted in group classes. The “eureka moment” came when they realized that one-on-one online tuition, tailored to each student’s unique needs, could be transformative. Ziyyara’s mission is to provide accessible, personalized, and top-tier online learning solutions. The vision is to empower students worldwide to unlock their full potential and embrace lifelong learning.

Ms. Kavita Sharma, Co-Founder of Ziyyara, expressed her excitement, saying, “We believe that education is a universal right, not a privilege. With this announcement, we take a bold step towards fulfilling our vision of making education accessible to every corner of the world. Our platform will continue to empower students to achieve their dreams, regardless of the challenges they may face.”

Ziyyara is now poised to expand its global presence, both geographically and in terms of product diversification. The company is entering international markets, enhancing its brand presence, and continuously refining its operational efficiency to further its mission of offering high-quality, personalized education to students worldwide.

Over the years, Ziyyara has evolved from a bootstrap operation into a thriving educational platform, currently serving over 5,000 students. What started with initial losses has grown into an annual revenue of 1.5 crores, demonstrating the company’s dedication to providing quality education to an ever-expanding student community.

Ziyyara envisions a world where quality education is within reach for all, where students can receive tailored guidance, and where they can achieve their educational aspirations, irrespective of geographical, financial, or social barriers. The company is steadfast in its commitment to realizing this vision and being a trusted resource for students worldwide.

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