Mikeze Labs Launches Interactive Educational Platform to Address Rollback of Black History in Schools

Atlanta, GA, February 10, 2024 — Mikeze Labs today announced the launch of an interactive black history educational platform named Blackclass.org. This Atlanta based tech company said it is imperative to address the needs of students who are being impacted by the rollback of Black History in schools nationwide.

“The rollback of black history in schools leaves a lot of students feeling not included in the unique tapestry of America. Our goal is to teach the tremendous contributions that Black Americans have provided to America and the World as a whole,” stated Hekima Havard, CEO of Mikeze Labs. He added, “Black History is American History and not to teach the full story is a disservice to all Americans no matter your background or race.”

Blackclass.org offers interactive black history courses that highlight some of the most important figures and times in black history. Mikeze Labs believes that Blackclass.org is strategically positioned to provide an enriching and comprehensive black history experience launching during Black History Month.

“In order to establish a better future we must understand our past, the wins and the losses. Transparency only helps us to leave a better world for our kids and the future generations ahead of us. Black Class is committed to bringing courses that will enlighten, inspire and encourage a better future for America and the world.” – Roderick Bridges, Vice President & Managing Director of Mikeze Labs LLC

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