Justin D. Bello’s New Book The Gift of the Guardians

Justin D. Bello’s New Book The Gift of the Guardians

Pittsburgh, PA, February 1, 2024 –Fulton Books author Justin D. Bello, a full-time English teacher who lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Dominique, and three children, has completed his most recent book, “The Gift of the Guardians”: a gripping fantasy adventure that centers around a group of heroes from different backgrounds who must join together as their country’s last hope against the rising tide of darkness.

For as long as he can remember, author Justin Bello has always been a lover of adventure stories. As a writer, he likes to create morally ambiguous worlds full of characters who struggle to fight for good even when faced with seemingly insurmountable evil. In his spare time, Bello enjoys reading, writing, drawing, tabletop role-playing games, and more hobbies than he realistically has time for.

Bello writes, “For 1,300 years, the Order of the Guardians has defended the continent of Termain from unimaginable evil. Now, with the coronation of a new and ambitious king, the Order appears poised to turn from its role as protector to dominate those it once kept safe. Meanwhile, after a millennium of lurking in the shadows, the servants of a dark god reemerge to take advantage of the strife.

“In the face of these dangers and more, unlikely heroes must rise:

“Three bookish orphans, raised as brothers, find themselves torn apart by destiny…

“An archduke’s daughter, imprisoned in a world of luxury, comes face to face with a deadly assassin…

“A middle-aged farmer struggles to provide for his family in a land ravaged by bandits…

“The youngest son of a senile king clings to his honor in a century-old civil war…

“Will they be enough to bring the dawn and drive the dark away?”

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