Ink-a-Dink Bookstore Gives Back with the 2023 James Patterson Holiday Bookstore Bonus Award

Ink-a-Dink Bookstore Gives Back with the 2023 James Patterson Holiday Bookstore Bonus Award

Caledonia, MI, February 08, 2024 –Since 2015, as part of his $1M Campaign for Independent Bookstores, best-selling author James Patterson wanted to do more to help independent bookstores and bring light to the need for bookstores to instill a love of reading into future generations. Partnering with the American Booksellers Association (ABA) and the Hachette Book Group, Patterson continues to support and recognize independent booksellers with the Holiday Bookstore Bonus Awards.

“Ink-a-Dink began as a children’s book review site to share books I loved but couldn’t fit into my regular Girls’ Life column,” says Childress. “Thanks to my work in publishing, my previous time as a bookseller, and the exploding e-commerce industry, I was able to establish Ink-a-Dink. Ink-a-Dink is committed to community giveback. As a mom of four, I know what it’s like to budget, so this award will help provide parents and educators with free resources such as classroom kits.”

“The ABA received over 2,800 nominations in total, more nominations than in any previous year,” says Matthew Zoni, ABA Director of Development and Publisher Relations. “James Patterson chose the winners based on nominations submitted by customers, co-workers, authors, publisher representatives, or self-nominations, meaning one or more people recognized winners as outstanding independent bookstore employees, and the quantity and quality of the nominations speaks highly of the bookstore employees who are working to instill a love of books and reading across the country.”

“Receiving this award is an honor and a reminder for why it’s important for me and other booksellers to keep going,” says Childress. “Books have the power to save lives. And those of us in the children’s publishing industry understand and especially believe in the power of books to better the lives of children.”

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