David Roller’s New Book Beauty from Ashes

David Roller’s New Book Beauty from Ashes

Shelbyville, IN, February 09, 2024 — David Roller, an accomplished writer and retired nurse, has completed his new book, “Beauty from Ashes”: a gripping and potent tale of diversity and Love Triumphing Over Everything.

“In 1925, the road up Sweetwater Creek was the actual bed of Sweetwater Creek,” writes author David Roller. “One would find poles along the route to use as pry bars to lift car and wagon axles out of ruts and potholes, according to my father. It was a rough place under where the Sweetwater Lake rests today. It is a nice and pretty thing that covers up an ugly history of incest in that area. In fact, that is one of three generally accepted factors for incest to occur, not one of which gets you near to anything as ugly as human nature itself. People think about rugged terrain, unnatural distancing between an eldest or only daughter and her mother, and a dominating patriarchal influence. These notions come from reading true crime and grit magazine articles about the Goler and the Colt families of rural Canada and rural Australia, associating that perversion with groups as far removed from society as possible.”

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