Birla Open Minds Redefining Educational Excellence

Mumbai, India, 2nd November 2023 – Birla Open Minds, a renowned comprehensive education provider, is delighted to share its outstanding achievements from the esteemed Times School Survey 2023. The leading two schools, Birla Group Minds International School, Malabar Hill, and Gopi Birla Memorial School, Malabar Hill, have secured top positions in their respective curriculum categories.

Birla Open Minds International School, Malabar Hill, ranked second in the Cambridge Curriculum category, a tremendous triumph for Birla Open Minds. The school’s unwavering dedication to offering an integrated experience from the formative early years to K–12 education has been honoured and praised yet again. Gopi Birla Memorial School, Malabar Hill, achieved the prestigious first place among Mumbai schools adhering to the CBSE National Curriculum. This remarkable result illustrates the school’s commitment to academic success and the overall growth of its students.

Nirvaan Birla, Managing Director of Birla Open Minds, stated, “We are immensely proud of our schools’ achievements in the Times School Survey 2023. These accolades reflect our dedication to offering a holistic education solution that embraces every student’s learning path, beginning in childhood and continuing through K–12 schooling. With our school system, our efforts are to create well-rounded individuals who are not only academically strong but also have interpersonal skills and values that empower them to prosper in the world.”

Birla Open Minds has had a tremendous impact on the education culture in Mumbai by prioritising high-quality education, innovative teaching approaches, and holistic development. The recognition in the Times School Survey 2023 demonstrates its commitment to fostering the leaders of the future and learners.

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