Author Kamyron Tabasco’s New Book You’ve Got My Mail

Author Kamyron Tabasco’s New Book You’ve Got My Mail

New York, NY, January 19, 2024 — Kamyron Tabasco, a keen observer of life and proud parent of three dogs, four cats, seven hamsters, one rabbit, one turtle, two cockatiels, six finches, and one parakeet (some in heaven), all forever in her heart, has completed her new book, “You’ve Got My Mail: A Short Lesson on Life”: a slim volume of entertaining vignettes inspired by the vicissitudes of human life.

This is not what the author would consider a self-help book but rather more akin to a memoir. She states this book is “a bit of an eccentric tale, but what is painted by the words is very real.” The messages presented are very genuine to true life. Liberty is taken in the quirky and insightful manner in which the cast of characters used to propel the storyline is a collection of rural mailboxes. The author has brought them to life giving the reader an entertaining way to gain an understanding of topics that can often be delicate to address.

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