Author Chuck Measel’s New Book The Priesthood of the Purple Buffalo

Author Chuck Measel’s New Book The Priesthood of the Purple Buffalo

Hoover, AL, February 12, 2024 — Chuck Measel has completed his new book, “The Priesthood of the Purple Buffalo”: a fascinating tale that follows a real estate agent who finds his life forever changed on a camping trip in South Dakota, where he finds his very beliefs tested and must summon the strength to grow and rise above the challenges he endures.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, author Chuck Measel’s extensive knowledge about the lifestyle and religious beliefs of Sioux Indians gives a message to the reader and gives them pause to think. A communications graduate of Auburn University, Chuck’s background includes copywriting for radio and television over a span of forty years.

Measel writes, “Remone is a realtor who is struggling with his career. Maybe he is lazy, or maybe he is disillusioned by the tactics used at his office—business practices that are based more on greed than helping clients.

“A camping trip in the extreme cold of a South Dakota winter changes his life forever. Forced to survive in a different world than the one he was raised in; Remone’s upbringing and traditional religious beliefs are challenged as he learns to endure and rise above his old self.

“This remarkable adventure leaves Remone with new skills and a new way of thinking, transforming him as a person and making him a better man.”

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