Author Chris Cochrane’s New Book Castle Forks

Author Chris Cochrane’s New Book Castle Forks

Colorado Springs, CO, February 09, 2024 — Chris Cochrane, a salesman with a BS degree in marketing, has completed his new book, “Castle Forks”: a captivating story that follows a young boy and his father as an innocent hunting trip turns into the fantasy adventure of a lifetime in which they’ll be tasked with defending the world from legions of dark, shadowy forces.

Fond of nature, sports, fantasy, and sci-fi movies and TV shows, author Chris Cochrane draws his writing inspiration from the world around him but most especially from his family. A wild and active imagination has helped Cochrane to invent weird and wacky words, phrases, and creatures with which to delight his children. At his wife Stephanie’s suggestion, he began to write his stories down so that other children could enjoy them too.

The author writes, “Chris Cochrane never imagined abandoning school for a dangerous life in Castle Forks. He never wanted to fight immortal Demon Shadows. And he certainly didn’t ask to risk his life protecting the whole world.

“While on a hunting trip with his father in the wooded mountains, a magical creature invites them to an invisible castle hidden in plain sight. A castle that brings with it an impossible world, lifelong secrets, and an ancient enemy that wants to destroy humanity.”

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