Author Barbara Fomby’s New Book Not Until Twelve

Author Barbara Fomby’s New Book Not Until Twelve

Detroit, MI, January 13, 2024 –Barbara Fomby, who resides in Detroit, Michigan, has completed her new book, “Not Until Twelve”: a moving and emotional work that inspires readers to discover their unique gifts from God and use them to spread joy throughout the world.

Author Barbara Fomby is a single mother involved in various outreach ministries. She is pleased to write this book to encourage others to believe that they too can overcome their fears through faith that allows their dreams to be taken off hold so they can step forward boldly into their God-awaiting destiny.

Fomby writes, “There is a common denominator that we all share, and that is, everyone of us seems comfortable in his or her own domain. Sometimes not realizing that we’ve been there so long that some of our dreams have slipped past us and gotten lost or are in the process of being that. A dream is something unattained, somewhere beyond where we are presently. And if you don’t stretch, you won’t reach it. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had some small victories and accomplishments, but I’ve always given myself reasons for not getting around to the rest. Now that doesn’t have to be your story.”

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