Arnold Vasquez’s Newly Released Soldiers Of Fitness

Arnold Vasquez’s Newly Released Soldiers Of Fitness

Katy, TX, January 17, 2024 — “Soldiers Of Fitness”: an engaging study of the interrelated aspects of personal and spiritual wellness. “Soldiers Of Fitness” is the creation of published author, Arnold Vasquez, a native of Texas, dedicated husband, proud father, personal trainer, and professional model for over twenty years.

Vasquez shares, “Purpose:

“To make America stronger in their spiritual and physical journey.

“The goal is to have the reader receive the Holy Spirit, make the necessary changes in their lifestyle, and to have success in their physical fitness journey.

1. Low-cost-in-home program.
2. Teach the four basic components of health-related physical fitness.
3. Personal fitness test to find your present fitness status.
4. Set goals to establish your mission.
5. Develop you own exercise program.
6. Journal to write your own book of success.
1. Pray
2. Eat right
3. Exercise
4. Follow your dreams

“Success: If just one person uses this workbook, follows their dreams, and gets stronger—the book has done its job!

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