Angela LaCarrubba’s Newly Released Grow Team Grow

Angela LaCarrubba’s Newly Released Grow Team Grow

Scotch Plains, NJ, January 30, 2024 — “Grow Team Grow”: a sweet message of encouragement to readers of any age to share in. “Grow Team Grow” is the creation of published author Angela LaCarrubba, a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, children’s book author, and retired teacher.

LaCarrubba shares, “Todd LoSanto plays recreational basketball but hardly ever gets his hands on the ball. It’s the same for the rest of his team, the Cougars. The exception is Colin, who is repeatedly encouraged by his dad and their coach to dribble the ball and score. There is no team play, just Colin and the ball. The Cougars are desperate for a solution. They search for a way to have fair play, learn new skills, practice strategies, and be a true team sharing in the action. This is a story of determination, hard work, and cooperation in sports and life.”

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