Zymo Research Receives Top Workplaces Awards 2023

IRVINE, Calif., Jan 2, 2024— Zymo Research, a leading provider of innovative life science technologies, has been honored with the Top Workplaces USA 2023 and Culture Excellence 2023 awards. These accolades underscore the company’s commitment to cultivating an exceptional work environment and prioritizing employee engagement.

Zymo Research
Zymo Research Receives Top Workplaces Awards 2023

The foundation of Zymo Research’s achievements lies with its dedicated team. Their contributions have shaped a collaborative and innovative work culture that emphasizes mutual respect and growth.

Dr. Larry Jia, Founder and CEO of Zymo Research, stated, “These awards are a testament to our incredible team. Being named the top workplace for consecutive years by our own employees is the highest honor we can receive. Our success is a reflection of our employees’ passion and commitment to our shared vision and values at Zymo Research.”

The Culture Excellence 2023 awards highlight Zymo Research’s exemplary achievements in eight key areas:

Purpose & Values
Professional Development
Compensation & Benefit
Work-life Flexibility
Employee Well-being
Employee Appreciation

These awards affirm Zymo Research’s comprehensive approach to employee satisfaction, emphasizing not only professional advancement but also the overall well-being and fulfillment of its workforce.

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