Will Rohrig Named President of Foster Fuels

Will Rohrig Named President of Foster Fuels

Brookneal, VA, January 23, 2024 –Foster Fuels, a century-old family-owned company, headquartered in Brookneal, Virginia, today announced the appointment of Will Rohrig as its President. The announcement comes as Foster Fuels continues to expand renewable fuel, mission-critical, and emergency lines of business, while emphasizing efforts of the company’s commitment to sustainable growth.

Rohrig brings extensive knowledge and understanding of the 100+ year-old fuel service company’s operations. Having started in 2009 as Foster Fuels’ Land and Forestry Manager, Rohrig moved to Fuel Quality Supervisor, and then to Director of Emergency Services (now known as Foster Mission Critical), where he’s served as Senior Vice President overseeing all day-to-day mission-critical operations and each Foster Fuels emergency storm activation for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) since 2018.

“Will has been an integral part of our company’s success for more than a decade, demonstrating complete understanding of the intricacies of our operations, and a true dedication to our growth and development,” said Foster Fuels CEO, Watt R. Foster, Jr. Rohrig’s leadership ability has been repeatedly demonstrated through his involvement in DLA/FEMA hurricane, earthquake, and ice storm responses across the nation, Puerto Rico, and Haiti, as well as his daily interactions with Foster Fuels employees.

As Chief Executive Officer, Watt R Foster, Jr. has reiterated that while he is not going anywhere, he will shift focus. “By entrusting Will with Foster Fuels’ day-to-day operations, my priorities can shift more to my family, our land conservation efforts, and to the Foster Foundation.” Foster went on to say that the company “remains more committed than ever to a legacy firmly rooted in honesty, expertise, reliability, and conscientious leadership.” Foster Fuels aims to support a sustainable future where economic prosperity aligns with environmental stewardship, leaving a positive and enduring impact for future generations as #fostergoesfurther.

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