What’s Trending Announces Partnerships with GSTV, acTVe, Haystack News and ReachTV

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 6, 2023) – What’s Trending, a leading media brand and publisher offering the latest in pop culture and trending news, has teamed up with GSTV, acTVe, Haystack News and ReachTV in the next phase of its ever-growing expansion in digital-out-of-home (DOOH) and free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST TV) distribution.

What’s Trending, founded in 2011 by tech and innovation expert Shira Lazar, has spent more than a decade on the cutting edge of technology, pro-actively and creatively adapting to consumer needs with a future-forward strategy, while serving as a 24/7 news hub, curating the most viral and shareable content across the digital landscape. From Emmy(r)-nominated live and interactive coverage to red carpets, interactive and social-first programming with the latest news, What’s Trending offers a 360-degree approach to keeping its audience in the know.

“We want consumers and our growing community to discover our brand wherever they are,” explains Lazar. “What’s Trending has been a pioneer in livestream news and original digital content, attracting early adopters who are passionate about connecting the creator community to mainstream audiences, while bridging the gap between platforms.”

As trailblazers in DOOH and now FAST TV expansion, their longtime partners include GSTV and Reach TV, culminating in recent years into a reach of over 5 million followers cross-platform and over 800 million unique viewers in the OOH (out-of-home) Network. That number continues to swell as consumers transition into this new market, earning What’s Trending the reputation of a powerhouse for content and stories many trust.

Recently, The Drum stated that “the out-of-home TV market is estimated to have increased by 45% since 2019.” Meanwhile CNET offered an analysis in October on the boom in FAST TV, calling it a “billion-dollar industry” that’s disrupting cable and subscription services as an optimal free alternative for consumers looking for more affordable options in their monthly budgeting.

Sean McCaffrey, President & CEO, GSTV says, “What’s Trending has been a longtime GSTV content partner informing our audiences about the hottest trends in pop culture, food, viral sensations and tech trends. Whether it’s fuel & convenience retailers, cinema, college campuses or airports, What’s Trending can be counted on to provide entertaining and brand-safe video content for advertisers to reach a valuable on-the-go video audience.”

In What’s Trending’s latest partnerships with Haystack News, acTVe and ReachTV, the brand continues to anticipate the needs of audiences, accelerating its distribution output while creating premium and relevant content.

“We welcome What’s Trending as part of our lineup of trusted entertainment news partners,” says Daniel Barreto, CEO of Haystack News. “We’re all about helping people watch the news that matters most to them, however they want it. What’s Trending fills an important part of that strategy, providing engaging content on topics we know our viewers love.”

What’s Trending has also partnered with leading FAST distributor, acTVe, in order to syndicate a new 10-part half-hour series, as well as additional episodes throughout 2024. “Viewers love pop culture and celebrity news, yet little of it exists in FAST,” acTVe Founder and CEO Geoff Clark says. “As the FAST offerings continue to grow and audiences show their enthusiasm for a diverse array of channels, well-produced, topical, premium content like What’s Trending will find success on the free-to-watch platforms.”

“Shira Lazar and What’s Trending truly understand content for the digital age, and how to meet audiences where they are,” says Lynnwood Bibbens, Founder & CEO, ReachTV. “ReachTV is a proud and longstanding partner, and we’re excited for what the future holds.”

What’s Trending’s ever-evolving coverage, which extends across such platforms as digital, mobile, social, OTT, OOH and distribution on O&O properties including Screenvision and Trooh Media, among others, sets a new precedent for media platforms to ensure their audiences are accommodated with accessible, premium and relevant content that is readily available for them to stay engaged and informed.

Always with an eye on the future, What’s Trending looks forward to the announcement of additional new partners in the DOOH and FAST space on the horizon for 2024.

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