Vishwarang 2023: A Celebration of Language, Literature, and Culture

Bhopal, 19th December 2023: Scheduled from December 21st to 24th, the Vishwarang Mahotsav 2023, adorned with vibrant shades of literature, culture, and arts, is all set to take place in Bhopal. Rabindranath Tagore University will host this extensive festival, welcoming representatives from over fifty countries, including India. This marks the fifth edition of ‘Vishwarang,’ where Hindi language leaps onto the international stage, serving as a platform for significant cultural dialogues among various Indian languages.

Vishwarang 2023 will be inaugurated by esteemed storyteller and former Education Minister, Government of India, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. Distinguished dignitaries, including Mr. Atul Kothari, National Secretary of Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Trust, Dr. Madhuri Ramdhari, General Secretary of World Hindi Secretariat, and Mr. Anil Joshi, President of Global Hindi World, will grace the occasion with their esteemed presence. The festival will unfold within the expansive grounds of Rabindranath Tagore University, creating a conducive environment for cultural exchange.

Launch of World Hindi Report based on 54 countries.

Addressing the media in a press conference, Shri, Santosh Choubey, Director of Vishwarang and Chancellor of Rabindranath Tagore University, mentioned that the key highlight of this year’s Vishwarang will be the launch of the ‘World Hindi Report’ covering 54 countries, which will showcase an assessment of the reach of the Hindi language across the Globe. On this occasion, Co-Director of ‘Vishwarang’ Dr. Siddharth Chaturvedi, Dr. Aditi Chaturvedi Vats, Mr. Leeladhar Mandloi, Mr. Mukesh Verma, Convener of Get Set Parent Children Literature Festival Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Registrar of RNTU Dr. Vijay Singh and Vishwarang’s cultural coordinator Shri Vinay Upadhyay also shared valuable information about the various activities. Shri Santosh Choubey also stated that the fifth edition of ‘Vishwarang’ aims to explore the evolving global landscape through approximately 50 sessions covering a diverse range of topics in language, literature, arts, and science and technology. The event will strive to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere by initiating various projects, including the Language Festival, Literature Festival, Color Festival, and Art Festival.

Mr. Santosh Choubey stated that Vishwarang embodies the fascination with the multi-dimensional creative realms of art, literature, and culture. It involves having an interest in these aspects, the intention to engage with them, enthusiasm, and curiosity across the diverse spectrum of life and the world through various expressive mediums. The festival aspires to create a new environment, reflecting the celebratory desire for artistic expression.

In collaboration with over a hundred literary-cultural institutions, including Rabindranath Tagore University, Scope Global Skills Univeristy, Dr. C.V. Raman University, Vanamali Srijanpeeth, and Tagore World Art and Culture Center, ‘Vishwarang’ has orchestrated an event to foster ideological dialogue and cultural traditions among Hindi and other Indian languages. Its impact on a global scale mark it as a distinctive cultural festival, uniquely organized by a private university.

Emphasis on teaching Hindi Language Worldwide:

The focus will be on the global promotion of Hindi language education, with a dedicated full day of sessions scheduled for December 22nd. During these sessions, educators from India and around the world will engage in meaningful interactions. The agenda for discussions on Hindi language teaching abroad will cover topics such as the role of literature in Hindi language craftsmanship, the impact of arts and films on Hindi language teaching, and the challenges faced in teaching Hindi at universities. Eminent educationists and expatriate literati from India and various countries, including Dr. Pushpita Awasthi (Netherlands), Padmesh Gupta (UK), Divya Mathur (London), Anoop Bhargava (USA), Atila Kotwal (Sri Lanka), Anil Joshi Vyas, Kumud Sharma, Dr. Suresh Rituparna, Jitendra Srivastava, Dr. Jawahar Karnavat, Dr. Rakesh Sethi, Dr. Vikas Dave, and Manoj Srivastava from ‘Bharat,’ will share their insights on these subjects.

Diverse Storytelling Sessions:

In the realm of Asian storytelling, ‘Vishwarang’ will feature a youth story lesson rooted in West Asian traditions, exploring translation dynamics, the creative energy of youth, and the global novel tradition. Senior and young literati from India will share insights in sessions spanning story writing, contemporary poetry, popular literature, diaspora literature, world literature, and electronic media. Notable Indian literati such as A. Arvindakshan, Nasira Sharma, Ushakiran Khan, Khurshid Alam, Prof. Rajkumar, Madhu B Joshi, Akhilesh, Rakesh Bihari, Dr. Vinod Tiwari, Santosh Choubey, Mukesh Verma, Leelidhar Mandloi, Narmada Prasad Upadhyay, Priyam Ankit, Savita Pathak, Vinay Upadhyay, Swarogi Sane, Nirmala Dosi, Sadhna Balwate, Indira Dangi, Neetu Mukul, and others will participate. On December 24th, ‘Meet the Author’ sessions will feature Usha Kiran Khan, Nasira Sharma, Santosh Choubey, Akhilesh and Nilesh Raghuvanshi. Mr. Santosh Choubey explained that Vishwarang initiates a global discussion across education, literature, and language, engaging over 150 universities and institutions worldwide to foster dialogue and create educational networks. Over 500 creators from India and abroad aim to establish a dialogue, placing Hindi at the core of Indian languages. Efforts include the launch of around 35 books, covering monographs on renowned painters, global poetry collections, art discussions, and diverse literature. ‘Vishwarang’ emphasizes documentation, showcasing achievements like the 18-volume ‘Kathadesh,’ 6-volume ‘Katha Madhya Pradesh,’ and ‘Katha Bhopal’ with 187 storytellers. Recognizing the need for science stories in Hindi, efforts include ‘Vigyan Katha Kosh’ in 6 volumes, ‘Vigyan Kavita Kosh’ in 3 volumes, and the publication of ‘Bal Kavita Kosh.’ Magazines like ‘Vishwarang’ and ‘Vanmali Katha’ focus on global and story-centric contexts, while ‘Rang Samvad’ emphasizes art. This year, around 35 books are being published/launched during Vishwarang, extending its reach to countries like the Netherlands, UK, Canada, Fiji, Singapore, Russia, and the UAE.

Global discussion:

Key sessions on December 23 at Vishwarang will center around the theme “Our Earth, Our Future.” Prominent creators and critics will share their perspectives on nature, the environment, and life’s other concerns through various mediums such as poetry, stories, novels, painting, films, and music.

Vishwarang Samman:

A distinctive part of ‘Vishwarang’ is the Vishwarang Samman. This edition bestows this honor upon Dr. Dhananjay Verma (Hindi), Dr. Janaki Prasad Sharma (Urdu), Manoranjan Byopari (Bengali), Baba Basant Dhahake (Marathi), Sujata Chaudhary (Oriya/English), and Prof. Kolkapuri Enak (Telugu), along with Mahadev Toppo (Santali Kudukh).

Inclusion of People:

As is customary, Vishwarang will feature captivating folk, tribal, classical, and contemporary music and dance performances. Highlights include the renowned Manganihar folk singing from Rajasthan, Bhagoria tribal dance from Madhya Pradesh, and folk music and dance from Malwa. Musical presentations by Shri Janaki Band, Sadho Band, ‘Madhyalay’ percussion ensemble, singer Pratibha Singh Baghel, and violin tigalbandi by Mahesh, Amit, Rishabh K., along with Sakshi Shevlikar’s Mohan Veena playing, will be prominent attractions. The ideological sessions and cultural activities of ‘Vishwarang 2023’ will take place at Sharda Auditorium, Katha Auditorium, Vanamali Auditorium, Manthan Auditorium, and the Shanti Niketan campus of Rabindranath Tagore University. Registration for ‘Vishwarang’ is available on its website, and there is no fee for entry.

Art Festival

For the past four years, the focal point of artistic activities at Vishwarang 2023 remains the Tagore National Painting Exhibition. This year, the exhibition received 2500 paintings from 900 artists nationwide, leading to the selection of five painters for the prestigious ‘Tagore Samman-2023’: Mr. Tshering Negi (Himachal Pradesh), Mr. Swapan Pandit (West Bengal), Ms. Padma Karmakar (Vadodara), Mr. John Joseph (Kochi), and Mr. Joel Gill (New Delhi). Since 2019, the Tagore National Painting Exhibition has transcended regional boundaries, attracting young artists from various cities and establishing itself as a prominent university-organized art exhibition in the country. Additionally, over 40 young art researchers and artists from across the nation will participate in the 5th ‘Tagore National Art Seminar 2023,’ focusing on the condition and direction of modern painting in independent India.

Vishwarang 2023 features significant art publications, including a large monograph on the life and art of painter Sudhir Patwardhan published in Hindi for the first time. Three collections of research papers from national seminars – ‘History of Indian Painting: An Overview,’ ‘Women’s Perspective of Indian Painting,’ and ‘Abstraction in Indian Painting’ – will be released. The National Art Seminar will showcase special presentations by art critic Mr. Mahavir Verma on ‘Women’s Perspective of Indian Painting’ and Dr. Rakhi Kumar on ‘Tantra Art and Tantra of Art.’ Dr. Kumar Anupam and Shri Vinay Upadhyay will also share their insights on the life and art of Sudhir Patwardhan.

In addition to a children’s painting competition, workshops on printmaking, watercolor, papier-mâché, and clay modelling will be organized for children by prominent art teachers. ‘Vishwarang – 2023’ will be graced by the presence of art guru Mr. Jaikrishna Aggarwal, art critic Mr. Akhilesh Nigam, Awadhesh Aman (Patna), Principal of Lucknow Art College Mr. Ratan Kumar, and various young and eminent painters from different states across the country.

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