TRINITI, Powered by CreateSafe, Announces Partnership with SOUNDS.STUDIO to Simplify Music AI Creation & Distribution

New Collaboration Paves a Path for Creative Freedom in Music Industry


Los Angeles, CA (December 20, 2023) – TRINITI, an artistic intelligence platform powered by music tech studio CreateSafe, announces their latest partnership with SOUNDS.STUDIO, a modern music production platform, to put music AI tools in the hands of the creators and consumers. Together TRINITI and SOUNDS.STUDIO share the mission of empowering independent creators with access to robust, yet easy-to-use tools that open up exponential creative freedom. In this partnership, SOUNDS.STUDIO will harness the power provided by TRINITI technology to offer an in-browser music and audio AI tool that enables users to create and distribute music seamlessly all in one place. Discover the tool here.

CreateSafe has spent the past five years developing tools to empower a new, transparent music industry. Their partnership with the artist Grimes put groundbreaking creative tools into public hands and their Record Deal Simulator gave users visibility into historically murky contracts for the first time. Their recently announced GenAI music platform TRINITI powers creation, publishing, administration, distribution, and marketing of music with the goal of evolving the music industry from its current algorithmic obsession to generating new, artist-focused business models that break the mold.

Powered by TRINITI, Grimes made headlines this summer for cloning her voice and enabling musicians and artists to use her voice in new original songs. Grimes enabled artists to distribute these works to all major streaming services. Over 1,000 songs have been created since its launch and led to her being named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in AI 2023.”

Launched today, SOUNDS.STUDIO is leveraging the TRINITI API (application programming interface) which will allow users to have the GrimesAI voice model on their own music and then seamlessly distribute it to the major DSPs through TRINITI’s distribution channels. This brand-new workflow is uniquely possible with SOUNDS.STUDIO and TRINITI’s combined capabilities.

“Both SOUNDS.STUDIO and TRINITI have a shared ethos for how AI can be harnessed to augment rather than replace musicians and are dedicated to building tools that enable new forms of creativity in the age of AI,” says SOUNDS.STUDIO’s Chris Deaner, Founder of Never Before Heard Sounds. “When creating new forms of music technology, the artist must remain front and center, so we sought out partners that were value-aligned.”

“In partnering with SOUNDS.STUDIO, we move one step closer to closing the gap between creation and distribution through technology,” adds TRINITI’s Daouda Leonard, Founder & CEO of CreateSafe. “We are using the knowledge we’ve gained over the past half-decade to streamline a process that enables artists, producers, songwriters—whether amateur or professional—to access cutting edge genAI music tools and release sanctioned derivative works that embody our trained voice models. Together we’re opening up a new era in imagination and monetization of creativity.”

The SOUNDS.STUDIO x TRINITI platform is available to all creatives, musicians, producers, DJs, and sound designers to collaborate, generate ideas, sketch and ultimately make better sounding output with speed and efficiency. Ultimately, the new partnership provides a powerful foundation for the future of generative creativity, as TRINITI and SOUNDS.STUDIO continue to empower individuals of the creator economy and shift the power of the music industry putting the tools in the hands of the individual. Simultaneously, the mainstream accessibility offers consumers an easy to use platform to engage with and discover their own craft.

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