Trident Group celebrates Unsung Heroes in a new empowering campaign Karamyogi Ki Udaan

Trident Group celebrates Unsung Heroes in a new empowering campaign Karamyogi Ki UdaanNew Delhi 22th April 2024: Trident Group, an Indian textile conglomerate and a global player has unveiled a compelling new campaign titled ‘Karamyogi Ki Udaan’ on Trident’s Mission Day. Celebrating the unsung heroes within the Trident community, the initiative showcases inspiring narratives of karamyogis who have triumphed against all odds, embodying grit, resilience, and remarkable achievements.

‘Karamyogi Ki Udaan’ campaign reflects Trident Group’s unwavering dedication to fostering an inclusive and empowering community. Through a series of impactful videos, the campaign sheds light on the remarkable stories of unsung heroes within the Trident community, highlighting their extraordinary contributions and impact at workplaces, communities and Trident family network at large.

Emphasizing the ethos of ‘Golden Hearts, Golden Trident’, the campaign in collaboration with Josh Talks symbolizes the passionate commitment and dedication exhibited by every member of the Trident family. These individuals, known as karamyogis, demonstrate the profound impact of service and compassion, embodying the core values of Trident Group.

Commenting on the campaign, ‘Karamyogi Ki Udaan’, an Initiative by the Trident Group, Harshvardhan Singh Chauhan, Chief Marketing Officer at Trident Group said, ‘The ‘ Karamyogi Ki Udaan’ campaign is a celebration of the unsung heroes within the Trident community, whose dedication and selflessness embody the spirit of ‘Golden Hearts, Golden Trident’. Through these series of captivating videos, we wanted to shine spotlight on the stories of these individuals whose unwavering commitment has left an indelible mark on the community.’

Commenting on the conceptualization of the campaign, Varun Khera, Head of Partnerships at Josh Talks said, “At Josh Talks, we strongly believe and have witnessed first-hand in the power of stories creating a ripple effect of positive change. Our collaboration with Trident Group is an opportunity to spotlight the incredible stories of their ‘karamyogis’ and elevate them as role models who are, further, going to inspire others to lead change in their own communities.”

As part of the campaign, 2-minute inspirational life videos have been meticulously crafted for the final selected ten karamyogis, capturing the essence of their extraordinary stories. These videos will be released starting April 20th, inviting viewers to be inspired by the resilience and determination of these exceptional individuals.

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