The Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Commission to organize Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts in Aseer

Qemam International Festival

9th January 2024/Riyadh – The Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Commission, one of 11 sector specific commissions under the Saudi Ministry of Culture, is organizing the third edition of Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts in the Aseer region from January 20 to 27, 2024. The festival will showcase 45 local and international groups performing 40 different Saudi and global mountain art forms, highlighting the beauty of global traditional performance arts.

The third edition of Qemam International Festival will offer a diverse range of activities, including opening and closing ceremonies held at King Khalid University Theater in Abha. Additionally, there will be two parades along Prince Sultan Road in Khamis Mushait featuring performances by 20 Saudi groups from seven regions of the Kingdom, as well as 25 international performance arts groups showcasing their mountain inspired attire.

The festival will also have a diverse cultural program at Abha Literary Club, which includes interactive cultural seminars and workshops presented by local and international experts. These activities will introduce visitors to the history of mountain arts and dresses, as well as traditional artistic professions such as sculpting and Sadu weaving. The festival will be held across eight heritage sites with deep historical roots, which are Basta Al-Qabil, Bin Hamasan Village, Shamsan Castle, Bin Adwan Heritage Village, Malik Historical Palace, Al-Mushait Palaces, Al-Abu Sarrah Palaces, and The Castles of Abu Nuqata Al-Mutahami. Each site will be equipped with stages for the performance arts shows and display traditional mountain performance attires.

The festival will also have designated areas for children with activities such as craft making and hands-on workshops. In addition, there will be a themed photo booth, various local food carts and craft booths with traditional handmade products. A souvenir gift shop will also be available for visitors which will display a collection of artistic masterpieces that represent the heritage of the Aseer region.

By organizing this annual festival, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission will highlight the significance and diversity of mountain performing arts locally and internationally. It will also highlight the theater and performing arts sector, inspire performers and create more job opportunities in the field of performing arts in the Kingdom.

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