SPJIMR launches Management Practice Insights Journal – Transforming Knowledge Sharing


Mumbai, 01 November 2023: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) unveils Management Practice Insights (MPI) journal, an open-access publication aimed at providing actionable, evidence-based insights to managers and business leaders worldwide.

Sponsored by SPJIMR, MPI is on a mission to bridge the gap between research and real-world application. The inaugural 2023 release is designed to simplify and translate top-tier research articles into actionable, easy-to-understand insights.

Prof Varun Nagaraj, Dean – SPJIMR, who is also one of the Executive Editor of MPI, said, “In today’s VUCA world, MPI looks at rigorously written and tested academic literature and tries to interpret it in a way practitioners can understand and implement.” Defining MPI as the ‘bridge for the gap between academic research and real-world practitioners.’

The debut hardcopy includes two issues. Issue 1 covers innovation, governance, and operational excellence with five essays, while Issue 2 focuses on ‘Wise Innovation’ with seven compelling essays.

Prof Malay Krishna, Director and Editor-in-chief of MPI, said, “There is a rapid convergence of changes in the overall geopolitical and business environment, and business people need to make sense of these changes as it can change the way they do business. MPI is a resource that meets these needs, bringing cutting-edge research to the table in a form that is easily understood and digestible by the business world.”

On the importance of MPI journal Prof Snehal Shah, Associate Dean, Academics & Research, and Executive Editor of MPI, said, “MPI is also important for the decision-makers in the C-Suite who gain a holistic understanding of contexts for complexities at hand and a distilled version of different perspectives. It also provides powerful tools for students and junior-level executives to solve problems at their levels.”

As we move forward, SPJIMR is committed to continuing its mission with the upcoming release of MPI Volume 2, Issue 1. Anticipated in the first quarter of 2024, this new issue will build upon the success of its predecessors, furthering SPJIMR’s commitment to shaping management practices and fostering values-based growth.

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