Scuba Diving Industry Magazine’s January Premier Issue Published

Scuba Diving Industry Magazine’s January Premier Issue Published

Plano, TX, February 01, 2024 –William Cline of Cline Group, is pleased to announce the premier issue of Scuba Diving Industry Magazine.

Scuba Diving Industry Magazine’s circulation is very unique and the only dive trade publication to reach every dive shop in the USA plus a global digital circulation of over 14,400 in 165 countries, all dive trade not consumer (B2B).

Scuba Diving Industry Magazine has a reach of over 14,400 dive professionals in over 150 countries globally… A few fast facts:

Print version: 851 USA brick-and-mortar dive retailers
Digital version: 14,451 global dive trade, which consists of:

Travel resorts, tropical entities, travel sellers, liveaboards, etc.
Global retailers, instructors, AI’s, DMs/DCs
Manufacturers, reps, media, environmental and training related dive professionals
63% of all the digital circulation is in the USA & Canada
100% of the print circulation is specifically in the USA

Research indicates that 81.1% of these US shops sell group dive travel.

Contributors in their premier issue included:

Alex Brylske, Ph.D., Ocean Education International, Eco Pro/Environment
William Cline, Cline Group, Research, Retailer/Resort Operations
Terry Cummins, OAM, Ph.D., Chair/President, Dive Queensland Inc., Australia/Oceania
Shelli Hendricks, Ph.D., President, Blue Horizon Solutions, Executive Coaching
Dan Orr, Dan Orr Consulting, Health/Legislative/Legal
Peter Symes, Xray Magazine, Europe
André Valentim, Central/South America

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