Pride Hotels group appoints Ms. Ishita Nigam as corporate marketing manager

Ishita Nigam
Ishita Nigam Corporate Marketing Manager

Pride Hotels Group, a leader in the Indian hospitality industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Ms. Ishita Nigam as the new Corporate Marketing Manager. Bringing over a decade of experience in the hospitality sector, Ms. Ishita joins the team after a significant stint at the Holiday Inn Mumbai, where her contributions in marketing and brand management were remarkable.

Her career in the hospitality industry includes substantial roles with esteemed groups such as Marriott, Sterling Holidays, and Radisson Hotels Group. Ms. Ishita is dedicated to crafting strategies that not only embrace but elevate the distinctive qualities of the hotel. At Pride Hotels Group, she will be leading the marketing efforts, devising and executing strategies that align with the business objectives and augment the brand’s visibility across various platforms. This position is crucial in advancing the aim to expand the footprints in India and persist in providing top-tier hospitality services.

“We are excited to have Ms. Ishita Nigam on board, her creative approach is the key to further enhancing our brand in this competitive hospitality market.” said Mr. Atul Upadhyay, Executive Vice President, Pride Hotels Group.

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