Liminal Custody Solutions Strengthens Collaboration with Himachal Pradesh Special Investigation Team for Enhanced Digital Asset Security

India, December 8, 2023 – Liminal Custody Solutions, a leading provider of digital asset custody services, has achieved a significant milestone in its ongoing mission to enhance the security and accessibility of India’s digital asset ecosystem. In its capacity as a trusted custodian of digital assets, the company recently played a pivotal role in a high-profile operation conducted in conjunction with the Himachal Police. The collaboration underscores the growing demand for secure and compliant wallet solutions when law enforcement agencies are tasked with safeguarding seized digital assets.

In late September, Himachal Police reached out to Liminal Custody with an urgent request for assistance in seizing assets associated with a multi-crore cryptocurrency fraud. Under the guidance of Mr. Abhishek Dullar, DIG (Northern Range Dharamshala), a Special Investigation Team (SIT) was swiftly formed on September 26 to lead the investigation. Liminal Custody responded immediately, stepping up as an official partner to the Himachal Police. This collaboration was a multi-dimensional effort, requiring the dedicated involvement of the entire Liminal team, which worked tirelessly to facilitate asset transfers, onboard police officers, create segregated wallets, and even navigate complexities of handling illicit cryptocurrency assets held by the perpetrators.

Mr Abhishek Dular, DIG Northern Range, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, expressed appreciation for Liminal said, “Working with Liminal Custody Solutions during this high-pressure operation was an exceptional experience. Their unwavering commitment to supporting law enforcement, stringent internal controls over seized digital assets, and their secure wallet solutions were instrumental in our success. Liminal’s dedication to going the extra mile was evident throughout the process, ensuring the safety and integrity of the seized assets.”

Manan Vora, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Operations at Liminal, reaffirmed the company’s dedication to fostering a secure and well-regulated digital asset landscape in India. He expressed, “Our collaboration with Himachal Police underscores our unwavering commitment to constructing a safe and regulated digital asset ecosystem within India. Recognizing the intricate nature of this emerging domain we shoulder a significant responsibility to guide and assist law enforcement agencies at every stage while upholding the most stringent security protocols. This marks just the inception of our participation in law enforcement operations, and we eagerly anticipate expanding our portfolio to further fortify digital asset security and accessibility throughout India.”

Liminal remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of digital asset security and continues to expand its role in safeguarding these assets.

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