Kumwell Corporation Public Company Limited and CEO Boonsak Kiatjaroonlert’s Double Triumphs at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2023 Thailand

SINGAPORE –  22 December 2023 – Local manufacturer and distributor Kumwell Corporation Public Company Limited (Kumwell) and its CEO, Boonsak Kiatjaroonlert, were honored with the Corporate Excellence and Master Entrepreneur Awards at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2023 Thailand. The awards recognized Kumwell’s outstanding contributions to the Industrial & Commercial Products industry and Boonsak Kiatjaroonlert’s exceptional leadership in driving the company’s success and sustainable growth.

Established in 1996, the company focuses on producing and distributing products in the grounding system group and lightning protection system. With its products exported to over 40 countries, Kumwell is committed to delivering quality products that are tested and certified by international standards such as UL, IEEE, IEC, and Thai industry standards. Kumwell-branded lightning protection equipment has a testing laboratory that has been certified by the Thai industrial standards institute (TISI) in ISO/IEC 17025 as the first laboratory in ASEAN. Kumwell’s vision is to become a leader with complete solutions in lightning protection systems and safety innovation with the strongest brand and sustainable growth.

Under Boonsak Kiatjaroonlert’s leadership, the company created a safety innovation such as smart lightning warning system, smart lightning management system etc., and continuously developed it until it was on par with international standards to deliver safety to human, property and operating systems in all sectors. As a result, the company has become one of the leaders in the business of manufacturing and distributing such products.

Boonsak Kiatjaroonlert also initiated and adopted the Sustainability Risk Principle (ESG Risk: Environment, Social, Governance) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals) into the organization’s strategy to engage with society, environment, including stakeholders to raise the economy both internally and externally the organization. Therefore, its commitment to developing the company according to the “Kumwell CSV: Creating Shared Value – Safety to Society” has been implemented for more than 10 years since 2007 and has been defined in the JD KPI of all employees and announced through both offline and online media channels of the company.

Furthermore, Kumwell has a policy to continuously innovate its corporate strategy; including environmental, social, and good governance to support various business challenges that may occur in the future. Ultimately, the main goal of the company is to create innovations that meet the needs of customers more efficiently and to increase the potential of the company to compete with both domestic and export competitors for the company to grow sustainably. Moving forward, Kumwell will also work towards creating fair returns for all groups of stakeholders of the company under the framework of good corporate governance.

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