KEZAD Group Welcomes Kings Aluminium’s AED 750 million Facility in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, UAE – 18 December 2023: Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi – KEZAD Group, the largest operator of integrated and purpose-built economic zones and Kings Aluminium Industries today announced the commencement of construction for a state-of-the-art aluminium manufacturing and recycling facility in KEZAD.

With a total investment of AED 750 million by Kings Aluminium Industries, the facility in KEZAD will be spread across 100,000 square metres of land leased from KEZAD Group for a 50 year tenure and will source its raw material from Emirates Global Aluminium, one of KEZAD Group’s anchor tenants in the Metals sector. EGA operates the region’s largest Aluminium smelter in KEZAD.

The Kings Aluminium facility marks a significant step in the UAE’s efforts to localise manufacturing of various supply chains, utilise local raw material, enhance environmental as well as sustainability aspects in the production process, and promote the circular economy.

The facility will transform virgin aluminium and aluminium waste into high-quality reusable materials, reducing the carbon footprint associated with aluminium production. Located on the strategic hot metal road in KEZAD near Emirates Global Aluminium’s plant, Kings Aluminium will employ cutting-edge manufacturing and recycling technology, efficiently processing molten aluminium metal, and billets, and repurposing various aluminium waste products.

Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, CEO, Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi – KEZAD Group, said: “We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the growth and development of our metal cluster with the establishment of this new metal downstream manufacturing facility by Kings Aluminium Industries. This strategic investment by Kings Aluminium marks a substantial advancement in our zone’s industrial capabilities and economic prospects.

“The facility represents an investment in infrastructure and technology, and a profound vote of confidence in the economic potential of KEZAD Group & Abu Dhabi. We are particularly excited about the integration of this facility with Emirates Global Aluminium. The facility’s proximity to EGA will enhance the efficiency of our industrial ecosystem while reducing its operational cost and environmental impact through shortened supply chains and collaborative operational strategies.”

Albert Melkias, CEO, Kings Aluminium Industries said, “Our new facility symbolises both an investment in sustainable manufacturing and our commitment to Abu Dhabi’s environmental goals. Dedicated to pioneering solutions for a more sustainable future, we aim to reduce waste, promote recycling, and deliver excellent products across various end-use categories. KEZAD provides us with unparalleled value with top-notch infrastructure, fully serviced industrial corridors, and seamless integration with Khalifa Port – enhancing our reach and speed to international consumer markets. Signature assets like KEZAD’s hot metal road offer advantages such as energy conservation, improved product quality, cost efficiency, and better integration in production processes.”

Robin Phillip, Founder and CEO of First Step FZC, partner in Kings Aluminium Industries said “This collaboration reinforces the project’s commitment to responsible business practices and further strengthens Kings Aluminium’s position in sustainable manufacturing and more importantly in its contribution to Abu Dhabi’s environmental goals.”

This project sets a new benchmark for sustainable industrial practices in the UAE and serves as a model for other companies in the sector. KEZAD Group continues to lead the way in environmental responsibility and innovation while strengthening commitment to local economic development wherein such industrial projects can stimulate sustained infrastructure improvements, job creation & increased business for local suppliers and service providers.

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