KALKI gears up its expansion plans for 2024 identifies 4 new markets in addition to its current 5 stores

With a total of over 35000 square feet of retail space in India, KALKI’s presence in 5 of India’s key markets- Surat, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai ushers in an era where global expansion in addition to increasing Indian markets is the natural next step. The brand eyes on achieving 18 cr in revenue with the latest store launch in Surat. Supercharging growth in 2024, KALKI plans to expand to other locations within the Indian market with its next launch planned for Hyderabad, while also identifying Punjab, Lucknow and Indore as potential markets.
Recognizing the interconnected nature of today’s markets, KALKI aims to leverage their expertise and offerings on a global scale, fostering partnerships and reaching new audiences beyond its current geographical scope. The brand has organized limited-period pop-ups in the United States of America, Thailand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada as well as has a large global presence in dedicated multi-designer stores. The response in their markets has been productive and popular, motivating KALKI to consider further growth in more countries very soon.

KALKI is, undoubtedly, on a trajectory of growth and a robust system of third-party auditing teams ensures financial processes are examined end to end and that industry best practices remain the standard for commercial success. Metrics like “Sales Per Square Foot” have been employed to ensure that each store remains profitable and with strategic cost-cutting and inventory management the team focuses on personalization and tailoring their offerings to meet individual requirements for various occasions, festive and wedding styles to manage inventory more effectively. This approach not only minimizes excess inventory costs but also ensures that resources are aligned with specific customer demands, contributing to improved financial performance across the board. 

KALKI has steered away from mass production but has ensured a dynamic and fast-paced supply chain insteadallowing them to have flexibility in swiftly churning out collections for their customers. After all, with sustainability being an important tenet, the brand supports garment workers by carefully disseminating customer requirements, keeping their pieces open to customization, and designing garments that will appeal to fashion-driven modern contemporary customers. The commitment to redefine bridal fashion goes hand in hand with offering a wonderful shopping experience for the whole family – and this is crystal clear as one sets foot in any KALKI store.

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Nishit Gupta, Director and Co-founder at KALKI Fashion,Our long-term vision for our ethnic wear label is to be a trailblazer in the ever-evolving fashion industry. We aim to set enduring trends, consistently offering a blend of traditional and contemporary style that resonates with diverse global audiences. Fueled by innovation and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, we aspire to be recognized as a go-to destination for those seeking timeless, yet modern, ethnic fashion. Embracing sustainability and inclusivity, we envision contributing to a positive and transformative influence on the fashion landscape for years to come.

The 5 super successful stores across the country in Surat, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & Ahmedabad have customers travelling to them, so they can invest in clothing they wouldn’t otherwise have access to in their hometowns and the stores are optimized to give the client the best experience. The Lemon Tree concept is the go-to for the brand across all KALKI Stores which includes a ceiling wallpaper and rug pattern mirroring its footprints, alongside a custom light installation inspired by this natural element. Fresh, youthful, and serene is the vibe you get while maintaining an understated elegance throughout the space. Green hues and gold fixtures provide a muted backdrop, allowing their stunning garments to steal the spotlight with their inherent beauty. 

KALKI remains a bootstrapped venture, growing solely based on organic growth, while also managing financial independence driven by the dedication and efforts of the founding family/business. While the brand has not currently engaged in specific strategic financial partnerships or collaborations at this stage and its self-sustained model has proven successful in fostering organic growth and maintaining financial independence, it remains open to exploring strategic collaborations in the future. 

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