Justt Partners with nSure.ai

Justt Partners with nSure.ai to Revolutionize Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management for Gaming and Crypto


AI leaders team up to protect high-risk gaming and crypto transactions

October 25, 2023 – Justt, a trailblazer in smart chargeback automation, today announced a new partnership with nSure.ai, an innovator in AI-driven fraud prevention. This collaboration will provide unprecedented fraud protection and chargeback management capabilities tailored for high-risk digital transactions in gaming and cryptocurrency.

As global gaming continues its explosive growth, expected to reach $268 billion in revenues by 2025, issues like friendly fraud and illegitimate chargebacks from in-app and in-game transactions remain largely unchecked. Payment integrations and credit card-linked accounts on gaming platforms lead to mistaken purchases and subscription renewal disputes from younger gamers, while fraudsters exploit infrastructures designed for rapid payments. Cryptocurrency also presents chargeback exposure, with buyers dishonestly disputing card-to-crypto transactions as a means to recoup losses from market volatility or scams. Justt’s partnership with nSure.ai brings customized solutions to combat these gaming and crypto-specific chargeback pain points.

Together, Justt and nSure.ai will offer:

  • Comprehensive protection across the entire transaction lifecycle, from purchase to post-transaction dispute resolution. nSure.ai’s AI-powered pre-transaction defenses will seamlessly integrate with Justt’s automated chargeback management.
  • Unmatched accuracy for approving legitimate high-risk transactions. nSure.ai approves up to 95% of transactions using advanced AI, far surpassing industry benchmarks. Their chargeback guarantee also covers full merchant liability regardless of the dispute reason.
  • Gaming and crypto-specific strategies based on real merchant data. Justt will provide nSure.ai with chargeback insights from across gaming and crypto to identify vulnerabilities and fine-tune algorithms to prevent fraud.
  • End-to-end automation for efficiency at scale. Both solutions apply AI and machine learning to remove manual constraints, which are critical for high volumes of low-value gaming transactions.
  • Rapid implementation timeline. The partnership aims to offer joint solutions within weeks by efficiently integrating technologies and aligning methodologies.

As gaming and crypto adoption accelerates, proactive fraud and chargeback management are imperative. The skyrocketing growth of in-game and in-app transactions combined with the rise of cryptocurrency payments as a mainstream option opens immense revenue potential but also serious chargeback liability if unaddressed.

By joining forces, Justt and nSure.ai are pioneering a new standard for seamless protection and revenue recovery, unlocking the potential of these high-growth digital commerce segments.

“This partnership enables us to provide merchants the end-to-end protection they desperately need in high-risk verticals like gaming and crypto,” said Ofir Tahor, co-founder and CEO of Justt.ai. “Combining nSure.ai’s robust pre-transaction defenses with our proven post-transaction chargeback automation offers a truly unrivaled solution tailored to these rapidly growing industries.”

“At nSure.ai, we are relentless in our pursuit of helping merchants maximize revenue from digital transactions while minimizing fraud,” said Alex Zeltcer, co-founder and CEO of nSure.ai. “This collaboration with Justt superchargers our capabilities by adding industry-leading chargeback management to our powerful pre-transaction protections. Together, we’ll be able to provide end-to-end security and revenue recovery to unlock the immense potential of gaming and cryptocurrency payments for merchants worldwide.”

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