Introducing the First Beach Gear Rental App – Beachify

Introducing the First Beach Gear Rental App - Beachify

Columbia, MD, January 29, 2024 — Founded by 30-year-old entrepreneur, David Nutter, in his Baltimore hometown, Beachify is the first ever online marketplace to browse, compare price & book beach gear rentals, surf & water sport rentals/lessons, and 90+ activities for beach-goers. As an avid beach-goer, Beachify was created out of necessity and a desire to book smarter and not waste time on vacation. The new website syncs customers looking to book these items & services with the best-priced beach gear rental shop. Beachify isn’t just for beach gear though – book anything from jet skis to paddle boards, e-bikes, scooters, surfboards, mopeds, snorkel & scuba gear, beach games, and much, much more.

”One day I was on the beach with family and we wanted to rent some chairs & umbrellas” said David Nutter, Co-Founder & CEO of Beachify. “I looked for an app where I could find what I needed and book for the best price from my phone. I was shocked there was no tool for this, so I set out to create a marketplace to make things easier for beach-goers.”

The website features a platform where beach-goers can browse available gear, see reviews, and book directly through Shops/vendors are able to list their beach gear and include customized information on availability, rules and prices with a guarantee of an effortless transaction. All beach gear is inspected for safety and hygiene prior to listing to ensure a safe, high quality experience for customers every time. You can also book things like surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing & kiteboarding on Beachify.

Think of Beachify as the Expedia of coastal recreational rentals & activities. Beachify is poised to disrupt the $8+ billion U.S. coastal recreational market using the same concept that led companies like Expedia, AirBNB, DoorDash, GrubHub, Instacart, and countless others to disrupt their respective markets. Beachify’s main function and advantage over all other booking tools is that it is the worlds’ first online coastal recreational marketplace that allows consumers to browse, compare price & book in minutes for less with the business of their choice. Currently, there is no other marketplace or booking tool that allows customers and businesses to engage & transact within the coastal recreational rental/lesson markets, as well as the micro-mobility rental market.

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