InnoVision Talent Agency Changes the Talent Paradigm with New Commission Structure


SAN DIEGO – January 9, 2024 – In an era defined by creativity and entertainment, InnoVision Marketing Group, a global, bilingual marketing organization headquartered in San Diego, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative. Introducing InnoVision Talent Agency (ITA), the group’s newest venture designed to revolutionize the commission structure for their talent. ITA sets a new standard by prioritizing full compensation for the talent on its roster, eliminating agency talent commissions in almost every scenario.

ITA represents a wide variety of talent with diverse backgrounds including actors, voice-over (V/O) artists and models, primarily located in the Southern California region but also includes seasoned V/O performers from across the U.S.

The agency’s biggest differentiator is its talent commission structure that gives each person on its roster one hundred percent of their earnings, with no commissions taken out of their pay. The unique commission structure of ITA eliminates upfront commission for talent, ensuring that individuals on the roster retain 100% of their negotiated rate, with the agency only retaining the fee charged to the production.

InnoVision Talent Agency marks a paradigm shift, prioritizing transparency and fair compensation in talent representation. With this, the actors and talent they represent lead to better outcomes and overall experience for everyone involved – especially the outcome of the production.

“At InnoVision, we’ve reimagined talent representation with a primary focus on empowering our talent through a fee-free commission structure,” says Ric Militi, CEO of InnoVision Marketing Group. “This approach ensures that our talent keeps 100% of their pay, barring any unusual circumstances, reflecting our commitment to a happier talent pool and delivering better performances. ITA is a movement toward empowering the entertainment industry’s diverse talents and fostering an environment where they can thrive professionally, creatively and financially.”

InnoVision Talent Agency seamlessly integrates with InnoVision’s existing divisions of brand strategy, advertising, creative, film production, digital media, traditional media, social media, reputation management, public relations and Grupo Español, catering to the Hispanic market.

ITA has been designed to provide production companies with an exceptional experience in every aspect starting with the interactive online portal that allows them to preselect the talent the production needs and is interested in. From there, the talent is evaluated internally by ITA after their work/performance is finished, so ITA can continue to provide the best talent for the specific/desired job.


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