India Shines at WRO Internationals 2023 in Panama: Bag Multiple Accolades in Robotics

India, November 22, 2023 — The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Internationals witnessed groundbreaking performances by Indian teams, marking a historic moment for the country’s prowess in robotics. Held from November 7th to 9th, 2023, in Panama City, Panama, the event showcased exceptional talent from across the globe, with India securing top positions in key categories.

Team Portkey, representing India, soared to a remarkable third place in the highly competitive Future Innovators – Elementary Category. Comprising bright young minds—Ria Sanghavi, Shaurya Sule, and Rehaan Dhandhia—from Dhirubhai Ambani International School, the team exhibited exceptional ingenuity and technical skill. Their visionary coach, Kashyap Shah, led the team to India’s inaugural victory in this prestigious category.

Simultaneously, RFL Marine Bots trained under the coaching of Lalit Kushvah, clinched an impressive third position in the RoboMission – Elementary Category. The team’s robot showcased unparalleled efficiency in executing diverse missions, from managing ship waste to rescuing a whale and restoring coral reefs. Their strategic approach and technical finesse captured the attention of judges and attendees alike.

The journey to the WRO Internationals was paved with victories at the national level. Team Portkey earned the coveted opportunity to represent India by securing first place in the WRO national championship for Future Innovators Category, organized by the India Stem Foundation. At the same National level round Team RFL Marine Bots also secured first position in the RoboMission Elementary category.

Dr. Sarvjeet Herald, Director, India STEM Foundation, expressed “The India STEM Foundation extends its heartiest congratulations to Team Portkey and RFL Marine Bots for not just their victory but also for embodying the ethos of creativity and ingenuity that defines our nation’s young talents in the field of robotics. This accomplishment is a testament to India’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in STEM.”

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