I reinvented myself when it came to fitness, says Suniel Shetty at Moneycontrol Creator Economy Summit 2023

Mumbai | October 31, 2023: In a candid conversation with content creator Niharika NM, Suniel Shetty recounted his remarkable journey from being an actor to achieving success as an entrepreneur at the Moneycontrol Creator Economy Summit 2023.

When asked about his favourite cricketer, Shetty revealed, “My favourite cricketer in today’s time is Virat Kohli. KL is my son. You don’t talk about family. Virat is a master of chasing.”

Suniel Shetty also expressed how his national sporting aspirations are being fulfilled through his son-in-law KL Rahul, stating, “The dream has now been realized through my son-in-law, KL Rahul. I wanted to play for the country. That is being manifested through him”

During the session, Shetty reflected on the importance of embracing failure and the subsequent rediscovery of success. “I don’t believe I am special. I accepted failure when my films didn’t work. I made bad choices. Picture nahin chali toh nahin chali. I couldn’t bounce back at a certain point because nobody was willing to put the money on me. When you don’t have an option, you don’t have to give up. I reinvented myself when it came to fitness. I stepped back and a new world was available. I get a lot of love and affection wherever I go. But that doesn’t always translate to ticket sales. I enjoyed ruling the box office for a few years. How many people get that?”

Suniel Shetty also underscored the significance of discipline. He added, “Martial arts taught me patience and how to be consistent. For me, discipline is freedom. Because you have to pay a price for discipline. The discipline of life is the only thing that will see you through. If you are consistent and committed, you will see it through.”

Hosted by Moneycontrol, India’s foremost financial news platform under the Network18 group, the Creator Economy Summit serves as the definitive platform for discussing vital issues in this sector, including challenges and the future landscape. The theme of this inaugural edition is ‘Creation, Innovation, Monetization,’ aimed at showcasing the optimism and resilience of Indian content creators.

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