Green energy generation in India

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India’s efforts were focused on reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and increasing the share of renewable energy sources in its energy mix. The Indian government was promoting green energy through various policy measures, incentives, and subsidies. Initiatives like competitive bidding for projects, tax incentives, and easy financing were introduced to attract investments in the renewable energy sector. India was a signatory to the Paris Agreement, committing to reduce its carbon emissions intensity while increasing the share of non-fossil fuel capacity in its energy mix.

Here are some key  green energy sectors in India:

Renewable Energy Targets: India had set ambitious renewable energy targets. The National Solar Mission aimed to achieve 100 GW of solar power capacity by 2022 and 175 GW by 2022. The National Wind Mission aimed to achieve 60 GW of wind power capacity by 2022.

Solar Power: India is one of the world’s largest solar energy markets. The country was investing heavily in solar projects, both large-scale solar farms and rooftop solar installations. States like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Karnataka were leading in solar power capacity.

Wind Power: Wind energy was another significant contributor to India’s renewable energy sector. States like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Gujarat had favorable wind conditions and hosted many wind farms.

Hydropower: India has a substantial hydropower capacity, although growth in this sector was somewhat slower due to environmental concerns and issues related to dam construction.

Bioenergy: Biomass and biogas were being harnessed for power generation, particularly in rural areas. This included using agricultural residues and organic waste to produce energy.


Despite the progress, India faced challenges such as grid integration issues, land acquisition problems, and financial constraints. The intermittent nature of renewable sources like solar and wind also posed challenges for maintaining a stable power supply.

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