Fawry cooperates with POS Mission to enhance electronic restaurant management solutions


Cairo, Wednesday 21 December, 2023 – “Fawry”, the leading company in the field of banking technology and electronic payments, announced its cooperation with “POS Mission”, a company that is a pioneer in developing business management software and enterprise resource planning solutions in the food and beverage industry. To launch a 360-solution for electronic restaurant management based on Fawry’s point-of-sale (POS) machines to provide support and assistance to entrepreneurs, and help them succeed and assist cafes and restaurant owners in handling their work effectively.

According to this agreement, “Fawry” and “POS Mission” will intensify their efforts to integrate their respective integrated solutions to enhance the systems of restaurants and cafes to meet their needs in this sector and contribute to simplifying business operations, enhancing their efficiency, and improving their customers’ experience in a better way. Besides, this agreement will contribute to greater prevention of credit card fraud based on a high level of security.

As the first choice in the electronic payments market, “Fawry” seeks to improve the citizens’ quality of life and services and facilitate all financial transactions within the framework of its commitment to the Egyptian market by contributing to spreading the culture of digital transformation and digitization and providing multiple electronic services to all the various sectors of the country.

Mohamed Kamel, Head of Acceptance and Business Development for ‘Fawry’, said: “We are very pleased with our partnership with POS Mission, as “Fawry” is interested in establishing effective partnerships in the food and beverage industry using the latest innovative financial technologies to attract more different customer segments, enhance restaurant management systems, meet different customer needs, and improve their experience efficiently and effectively.”

He added: “These technologies contribute to the digitization and advancement of the restaurant and café sector, and are also in line with the state’s plan to achieve digital transformation and Egypt’s Vision 2030”.

Dr. Ihsan Al-Hamoud, the entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of POS Mission, said: “We are proud to be the ideal partner for “Fawry”, the leading company in the field of banking technology and financial technology”.

He added:” We hope to benefit from Fawry’s sizeable experience and unique resources in the Egyptian market, and to combine the strength of both companies to serve our customers better and enrich the restaurant and café sector with a package of integrated solutions for “Fawry” and POS Mission”.

Ihsan also pointed out that “this partnership will not only improve the efficiency of the restaurant sector but will also enhance customer experience, reduce transaction costs and provide a better experience to its customers”.

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